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FIFA 18 TOTY Midfielders

EA reveals the FIFA 18 TOTY midfielders players. Join us to see who it is!

Electronic Arts started yesterday to unveil the players who will have a TOTY (Team Of The Year) card in FIFA 18 in Ultimate Team mode. As every year the month of January is one of the most important for FIFA and is that it is just at this time when the best cards come to the game. The first unveiling occurred yesterday with the TOTY strikers, which you can consult in our previously published article.

Regarding today's unveiling, it is the turn of the midfielders who will have the best card of the game, and they are the following:

Luka Modrić, the Real Madrid midfielder will enjoy an average of 96 and his greatest virtue will be the pass, with which he has a score of 99. Kevin De Bruyne is already one of the best midfielders in FIFA 18, and his new card it will turn him into a lethal FIFA 18 player, since he will be as versatile in the pass as in the shot and will have the same average as the merengue player. The third of them is Kanté, which will count the most equal skills of the three and an average of 95.

The TOTY represent the 11 best players of the year and we already know the forwards and the midfielders; we just need to know the best defenses and the best archers. What do you think about the choice of these three players as the three best midfielders? What are your bets for the other positions?

Thus, the TOTY midfielders of 2018 are the following:

• De Bruyne
• Kanté

Do you think they deserve that position or would you choose other players? Leave us your opinion in the comment box!

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Barça or Chelsea: which team is better in FIFA 18?

We analyze the state of form of both teams three weeks before they meet in the Champions League

Although with LaLiga and the Copa del Rey football fans are experiencing some very intense weeks of games, what they are really waiting for is the return of the maximum continental competition: the Champions League. In just two weeks the ball will roll again across the fields of Europe offering us the most exciting encounters. Three Spanish teams are still alive in the round of 16, although they will not have anything easy to continue advancing on their way to their match.

Barca with Chelsea, whose first leg will be played at Stamford Bridge on Tuesday, February 20 and the return at the Camp Nou on March 14 is one of the most anticipated by fans. There is still a world for the match to come, but which of the two teams is in better shape today? Looking at its statistics in FIFA 18 we can get an idea.

Right now both Barça and Chelsea have very similar numbers in FIFA 18, although the Catalans start with a slight advantage. The Ernesto Valverde have an 88 in attack, 86 in the center of the field and 84 in defense, while the team led by Antonio Conte at a lower point in each section: 87 in attack, 85 in the center of the field and 83 in defense.

If there are two players with whom Chelsea should be careful is with Leo Messi and Luis Suarez. The Argentinean and the Uruguayan are the ones who have the best media of the entire Barça in FIFA 18, with 95 and 93 respectively. In addition, both are in full scoring run and we already know that in these matches so matched any goal can be key.

The one who stands out above all is Eden Hazard, the player with the best numbers of the British with 85 on average. But Barça should not forget the physical strength of two of their midfielders, N'Golo Kanté (88) and Tiémoué Bakayoko (83), nor of the great work being done by the Spanish César Azpilicueta (87) in the defense of five of the blues.

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